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Futuristic Financial Vision

PayMint is an Egyptian Fintech startup that provides digital payment solutions to support MSMEs, retails shops, companies that rely on casual labors, blue-collars, and freelancers.

PayMint provides a digital Platform that offers you unmatched cashless experiences in running your business financials.


Saving Energy, Time and Effort

Saving energy, time and effort will create a smooth operational flow.
Thus, you will have time and power to think more about expanding your work and increasing productivity.

Smooth Operations with Zero Delay

Ensuring a smooth payroll operation system with zero delays and zero miscalculations will guarantee the ease and increase of your business cash flow.

No Bank Visits

There are no tiresome procedures or bank visits because PayMint will be responsible for providing you with financing services with no paperwork needed.

Earn Employees' Loyalty

Earn employees' loyalty through the payroll regulated process and in advance financial facilitation.

Safe & Secure

The confidentiality and securty provided in PayMint digital platform guarantee 100% safety and protection for your copmany and your employees' data

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6816 +
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10 K
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We Work With 20 Years Of Experience.

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